Pepper Potts
Happybirthdaysquirt. Kate says the same.
Hm, so you wre born today? Strange, the Clans don't keep track of that sort of thing. But, regardless of the strange and mysterious ways of Twolegs, happy birthday. May StarClan light your path, young one. - Jayfeather



hey so i know this is tumblr and we all have a lot of different opinions but

fuck wasps



((Hi there, Mun-san! I just wanted to tell you that the following words are for your daughter and that I hope I'm not too late in sending this)) Hi there sweetheart, my names Clary and one day I hope we get to be friends. I don't know much about you but I heard that it's you're birthday and I couldn't help but stop in and say hello. Hope you have a very happy day, you know, all the best magic happens on special days like today. Keep your mind open and anythings possible. :)
To feel anything deranges you. To be seen feeling anything strips you naked.
Anne Carson, from Red Doc (via c-ovet)
Happy Birthday to a very special little lady. Thirteen is a big year, it's the year you take your first steps towards young adulthood. It can be a little scary, I know it was for me, but it's also pretty exciting. So, what are you looking forward to now you're officially a teenager? –– Steve Rogers.
I thought there was no way for you to make a baby as cute as mine, and then you made one cuter. You're amazing1


Shut up, it still hurts to laugh.

Oh my god, did you have a c-section?

Hey there, birthday girl! I'm Remy LeBeau of th' X-Men, but you may know me as Gambit. I hear you're turnin' thirteen today; did you know dat's when most mutants' powers first start t'manifest? X-Gene or not, really, you're on your first step t'adulthood, though, an' I promise you though it may seem slow at first, things are gonna get a lot more exciting an' you'll have a lot of doors open. I wish you health, wealth, happiness, an' de best of all possible birthdays. Have a wonderful day, petite.