Pepper Potts

Innovator in clean energy and technology; CEO of Stark Industries; Associate to Tony Stark.

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Prabal Gurung patchwork design fitted dress

You are the most capable, qualified, trustworthy person I’ve ever met, you’ll do great. Is it too much to ask? ‘Cause I really need your help here.

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OK, normally I don’t put anything here because less people reblog and such, and feel free to delete this, but every time I watch this part I think the same thing so allow to expound upon it, please.

Look at this guy. Tony “Mr. just-not-the-hero-type” Stark. NOPE. Tony, you lying son of a bitch. This freak with the arc reactor powered whips, he just used them to fucking cut through cars. Cars. Tony Stark is not a car. He doesn’t even have his armor at this point in time. He’s just a man, and a dying man at that. He is not healthy, and so not up to par. And yet. He doesn’t run, he doesn’t hide. He doesn’t even try to go get the armor. That guy is hurting people and so Tony tries to stop him. With a car door. And he is unsuccessful. But he tries.

And sorry Captain Rogers, but every time I watch The Avengers, the part where Steve tells Tony to stop pretending to be a hero? Back the fuck up. He’s not pretending. He is a hero. You clearly haven’t seen all the footage, Steve-o, because this right here? Yeah. You know there are cameras. Even without everything that happened, it’s still a grand prix, and Tony Fucking Stark is driving in it. There are cameras. People see this. It’s on tape, Tony taking on this psychopath who just cut through cars and blew them up without his armor. Because you know what? The Iron Man armor doesn’t make Tony a hero. Iron Man is just a bunch of metal. The real hero is guy inside the armor, putting his life on the line to save other people. And even at his absolute most vulnerable, dying, without his suit, he’s still willing to step up and be a hero. Iron Man isn’t the superhero, Tony Stark is.


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"I’ll catch you, I promise."

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